Thursday, December 03, 2009

Architects Recording Studio presents Street Radio Vol. 5 (hosted by DJ Radio/blends by DJ 5 Starr)

I reviewed this mixtape recently for the City Paper's Noise blog, probably not the strongest entry in this series but I think better than Vol. 4 from a few months ago. It's got a couple songs I've posted about on here like Bossman's "Off The Record Part 2," Dave Da Barber's "Trapped," and Tonio: From Da Top's "17" featuring Skarr Akbar, Drop and Los, along with tracks by Comp, Ogun, Barnes, Savage Da Beast, Paula Campbell and Al Great, among others. I still don't know what the fuck DJ Radio is thinking when he says shit like "log on, faggot" after plugging a website, which I've heard him do on 2 different mixtapes now, like does he think insulting the listener is gonna get them to do what he says? When I linked the review on here the other day, I got an earful from an anonymous commenter that I like to call The Beacon Of Truth, who was super mad that I liked a Tony Bosco track and didn't mention Barnes, among other things, had an entertaining back and forth there. Anyway, you can download the mixtape over at and make up your own mind.

Barrs f/ Little Clayway - "The Murderous" (mp3)
Clayway is someone whose music I bump more because of his personality and his stories than straight up rhyming skills, but I gotta say he really kills his verse on this, never heard him sound this mean before. Just saw Clayway recently and got an advance copy of his new double CD, Everybody Rappin', so keep an eye out for that coming soon. I still can't believe there's a rapper named Barrs and a rapper named Barrz on this mixtape. We're running out of fuckin' rapper names.

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