Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Haz - The Game Need Change (DJ Radio)

Haz a.k.a. Hazardous was one of the champions of Style Warz a few years ago and has been on the scene performing and battling for it seems like a while, but I've never really heard a lot of his music before this tape hosted by DJ Radio. This is definitely one of the better 'street rap' kinda mixtapes I've heard in a minute, mainly because has a good low key, focused lyrical style, doesn't get all obnoxious with it, just raps and raps and raps, and it's not too long (50 minutes) and generally has a good beat selection. You can download this at allbmorehiphop.com/haz.

Haz f/ XO - "My Name Is" (mp3)
This track has a nice vibe, good beat, good punchlines, really grabbed my attention in the middle of the mixtape. I've said this before, but XO really has one of the illest voices in Baltimore rap and I wish I heard him do more stuff. There's a guy from D.C. who also goes by the name XO that's been doing a lot lately, kinda bums me out when I check that guy's stuff out by accident and get disappointed that it's not the XO from Bmore.

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Haz is currrently recording his "BlockWork" Gritty Gang "BlockWork" on deck!!!
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