Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ty Gudda - Freshman Year (Blasfome Entertainment/Mid-Atlantic Mafia)

I don't know if this is Ty Gudda's first full-length release or what the Freshman Year title means, but he's definitely been around for a minute since I first heard him on mixtapes by Tufflon Dona and Musse Mus a couple years ago. I saw him at Sonar a while back and I got a copy of this CD, you can hear it on his MySpace page. It's not bad, pretty typical hardcore rap and he kinda sounds like Skarr Akbar with a higher voice. It's funny how he takes a tough stance on being anti-AutoTune but still does some cheesy "swagg" rap kinda shit, which in my opinion is a far worse trend right now.

Ty Gudda - "It Go" (mp3)
I swear, Baltimore has got to be the world capital of rap tunes with gunshot sound effects used as percussion.

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