Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Heavy Gold - If Not Me Then Who? (Foreva Musik/Mid-Atlantic Mafia)

I wrote a City Paper feature on Heavy Gold about a year and a half back, when he was briefly signed with Epic Records. Since then he's been still grinding independently and doing shows, though, and this is the first mixtape I've heard from him in a minute. I'm kinda hot and cold on this one, some tracks he's just flowing like crazy and sounds really hungry, sometimes I just feel like it's on autopilot and I keep tuning out. Still, good guy, good to hear him still doing his thing. Some of his older songs like "Drug Dealer" and "Murder And The Dope" are on here, along with a lot of new material. The cover art's by Skarr Akbar.

Heavy Gold f/ C4, Kota and Mr. Green - "It's OK" (mp3)
This posse cut with I guess some dudes from Heavy's crew is really my favorite track on the mixtape, great beat and great vibe even if everybody's verse isn't totally on point.

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