Thursday, August 27, 2009

Greenspan - When The Sky Turns Green (DJ Benzi/

It's been cool to see Greenspan really flourish and get more recognition in the past couple years since I started to really pay attention to him and give him some props on this site and elsewhere, and his new mixtape was put out by a pretty well known DJ and a pretty well known blog. It's a nice tight concise 40 minutes, mostly original production, and while none of the songs are really knocking me out individually, I don't hear a weak link on here either. Tight rhymes, good taste in beats, Greenspan is just a consistent cat. There's a song on this called "Khloe Kardashian," which is just...seriously? Of all the (semi-)famous women you could title a song after? I think that Got Green? is still my favorite Greenspan release, but that one is tough to top and When The Sky Turns Green is not bad at all, download it at

Greenspan - "You Know My Name" (mp3)
I really dig the way Judah, who produced about half the tracks on here, basically just took the Alicia Keys track, and added some drums and chopped it in some subtle ways, but mostly kept the vibe the same and didn't change too much.

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Check my blog for a recent Greenspan performance at the Gap:
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