Thursday, July 30, 2009

Los - Welcome To Swaggsville

It's been a couple years since I wrote my City Paper article about Los, and I know he's been putting out mixtapes but I hadn't really heard any of them. I didn't realize until recently that Los has been off Bad Boy for about a year after reading it in a Baltimore Sun story about a murder case that had some kind of connection to Da Bloc Inc. Anyway, I never really forgot what a tremendously talented rapper Los can be, but it was nice to get a reminder from this new mixtape. It's full of soft beats from radio R&B songs and has some AutoTune and the word "swag" (ugh) in the title, and in spite of all that trend-chasing, he's still just rapping his ass off and dropping crazy quotable punchlines left and right. I need to check out his older mixtapes and see how they compare but really I'm sure they're all worth listening to. I don't know why he's talking about being compared to Drake or doing a "Los vs Drake" mixtape, talk about riding some lame coattails, here's hoping he doesn't go through with that idea. You can download it here.

Los - "Let's Get It" (mp3)
I don't know if this beat's original or jacked from somewhere, but this bangs, last track on the mixtape.

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