Thursday, July 23, 2009

K-Mack - Night Ryda (Knokville Entertainment/Banga Bill Enterprise)

This week in the City Paper I have a feature on K-Mack, going back through his whole history with the Annexx Clique in the '90s up to his new solo album. And I gotta be honest, this is the first article I've ever done about an artist where they straight up told me they hated it, hated the story and the light it put them in and the quotes I chose, hated the headline and the photo. I feel bad, just because as far as I know I've always had a pretty good track record and don't think there are a lot of people who can say they regret sitting down with me for an interview, although who knows really. I mean I can't control how people feel when I review their stuff but when I'm using someone's own words to profile them, I dunno, it's a shame they weren't happy with the final product, although he was cool about it, didn't get too over the top, just told me how he felt. Anyway, I don't wanna dwell on all that too much, I stand by the article and I thought it was important to tell his story, I'm just saying take it with a grain of salt since K-Mack wasn't happy with it and I understand his reservations. The album is pretty great, and is available for free on, where it ranked in the top 5 downloads in the site's first week, and it features production by Banga Bill, cover art by Skarr Akbar, and is dedicated to Mr. Wilson.

K-Mack - "What They Hate" (mp3)
There are so many good tracks on here I thought about posting, "B City" and "Never Change" and "Big Dawg" especially, but this one really knocks the most, in my opinion, great song.

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's up K Mack. I'm a huge fan, the blue tape is just as classic as the purple tape in my mind.

Just remember, any pub is good pub, move some units do some shows and keep grindin.

IMO, it was a pretty good article, showed how dedicated you are to your craft and keeping the music true to where you come from. Your a real dude and it's evident from the article why you and B-Ill have great chemistry.

Peace, homie.

Mack def been talented as hell... great article...
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