Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Gritty Gang - Street Certified Goods (Real On Purpose)

Three years ago, Ogun pulled together big diverse cast of Baltimore MCs for the first Gritty Gang mixtape, and for a while I didn't hear anything about the Gritty Gang and thought maybe it was just a one-off. But now there's a whole new mixtape out, with the same title as the first one, bringing back the whole concept. A lot of people that were on the first mixtape make appearances (Skarr Akbar, Ammo, Rockwell, Q Gutta, G.E.M.) along with a lot of people that weren't (Sonny Reddz, Kuan, Talal, Barz), everything recorded at Architects Recording Studio. 41yo posted a couple tracks that were leaked in advance, and you can hear more on the Gritty Gang MySpace page.

Sonny Reddz - "War Pop Off" (mp3)
I've only heard Reddz on a handful of guest spots in the past so this is really the first solo track I've heard and he really murders it, this is just a great violent banger.

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