Wednesday, June 24, 2009


This is for the people that need promo.

This is for the people that need heads to listen to there music.

This is for the heads that need to learn more about this business.

This is for the people that need to meet people involved in the Baltimore music scene.

Wanna know where the shows are between MD & VA?

There arew so many things you need to do before you take your career to that next level. You may want a BIG recording contract or you may want to put your music out independently and be the next MASTER P or you may just want to be heard in your city, but at the end of the day YOU need to know how to get it to that next level instead of running around in circles. EVERYDAY I get emails about people wanting me to listen to there music or watch there video's or they just want to ask questions. I dont have time in my day to actually do that for everybody so i came up with a plan.

Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month I am hosting a monthly meeting of the Baltimore music family. DC and VA is welcomed as well. It will be called A&R TUESDAYS. At A&R Tuesdays i will invite A&R's, producers, DJ's, and emcees, and promoters to come thru and speak about there experiences in the game and show you how they maximized there potential. I will be giving artist time to get on stage and let the people know where they can cop there music and i am going to let the artist have there music played so that there own peers can here there stuff. If you have a video you just did and you want us to watch it? well instead of a few people have a filled house watch it. You have a event your starting? promote it here. You have a new album coming out? promote it here? you have a new label starting? Let us know... here at 830 North Guilford Street at the 5 seasons. DJ BRUCE LEROY will be playing the music.. SONNY BROWN as your host, Honey management and Street Legal Entertainment will be in the building. Drink specials all nite long, food, great music from Baltimores own all nite long... NO PERFORMANCES STRICTLY NETWORKING.. Something I think we all 4get from time to time.. think about it.. how can you finish a mixtape and expect to sell it to people who know NOTHING about YOU?

$10 to get in
$1 shots all nite long
Baltimore local music all nite long

Lets make it happen BALTIMORE!!!!!!! The time is NOW!

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