Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Thursday is gonna be special! Because Arsonists Camp has finally copped a building to house the furnace. Which will now be named Firehouse! Come out to Lava Lounge to party extra crazy with us Thursday. We have G-Major & Mr 1st In Time on the 1 and 2's all night. With a special performance from Ms.Stress aka The Madame of Murdaland. So come on out and get drunk for next to nothing @ The Lava Lounge. 1301 Ponca St. Ladies admission is $5 or 3 for $10 (yeah we rich so we can do this) Fellas $8.
Once you are in the place. Bottled drinks are $2. Ladies can drink all they want til midnight for only $5. Fellas drink all they want for $15. You can't beat that. This happens every thursday. But this particular thursday is special to the A.C.E.-O.T.G. Family. So come out mingle get furred and meet new people. Its always crazy. And with the recession u can drink your depression away for next to nothing.

1301 PONCA ST. Canton Md.

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