Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mullyman - wiRemix Volume 1 (DJ Booman/Major League Unlimited)

Mullyman's been really making things happen for himself the last few months, from getting the "I Go Harder" video aired on MTV Jams (been seeing it a lot lately!) and featured on to launching a new website. But most importantly, he's just been dropping a ton of music and most of it's been real high quality. Along with all his 'wiRemixes' of popular songs, he's got a couple mixtapes put together with DJ Booman in that theme available on his site and on This first one seems like it could be a good best-of or reintroduction, for people that might just be hearing him for the first time now because of the video -- it's got 4 tracks from his 2005 album Mullymania (including the collabs with Freeway and Memphis Bleek and the Skarr Akbar-produced track with the late Mr. Wilson) mixed in among freestyles over recent singles like "Pop Champagne" and "Single Ladies." Not really anything new here if you already follow Mully, but still not a bad listen.

Mullymania - "One Of Da Greatest" (mp3)
Real talk, this has always been one of my favorite songs of his, but I've never posted it here before because the version on Mullymania is at the end of the album and has a bonus track tacked on, so this is the first time I've gotten anything where it's just this song on its own track. Anyway, killer song, I remember 92Q played it a little bit when it first dropped.

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