Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lynee' Michelle - Love, Lynee' Michelle (Arsonist Camp Entertainment)

Last month I linked to my City Paper feature about Baltimore R&B singer Lynee' Michelle, but it occurred to me I hadn't gotten around to dedicating a post to the abum she released in February or posting any music from it. She's signed to a local rap label, Arsonists Camp, and the album has some hip hop flavor from G Major and Nick Soprano, as well as some Baltimore club flavor from DJ Booman and Debonair Samir, but otherwise it's just a solid modern soul album. It's available now on

Lynee' Michelle - "Slow It Down" (mp3)
This is the Booman-produced song and it's probably my favorite on the album, has kind of a club feel but also some parts in a slower tempo and is just a catchy track.

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