Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Articulate - #musicmonday (please RT) the mixtape

Articulate's really been one of the growing number of MCs in Baltimore that's really using the internet well to get his music out there on a really frequent basis, so it's apt that he's the first rapper I've heard of to do a Twitter-themed mixtape (Soulja Boy did one, too, but Artic beat him to the punch by a couple weeks). Don't get me wrong, I hate Twitter and think it's the lamest web 2.0 trend ever, I'm just saying it's shrewd of him. I'm still not sure how much I like Artic as an rapper, he writes verses well enough but he's got that kind of hoarse grain to his voice like he's pushing out the words too hard that kinda bothers me about a lot of newer rappers like Wale or Charles Hamilton. Still, there's some definite good music on his recent releases and I think he's got some real promise. Anyway, you can get this on ItsArtic.com, and guests include Wordsmith, Bex, PenDragon and Rickie Jacobs.

Articulate - "Motion Poetry" (mp3)
I really like the off-the-cuff feel of the track and the way he just flows and flows, and then shrugs it off at the end with "this ain't even a song, it's just a verse I wrote just to be leakin' somethin'."

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