Sunday, April 05, 2009

Tonio: From Da Top - "U Mad?!?" (mp3)
This is the new single by Tonio: From Da Top, who's an artist with Da Bloc Inc. (the label that brought you Los, formerly Skarr Akbar, etc.). It's a weird-sounding song but there's some genuinely funny punchlines on here, he's kinda on some other shit, reminds me of the trend of kind of deliberately obnoxious rap coming out of Atlanta these days, just dudes making the most ridiculous voices and the most ridiculous jokes possible, for better or worse. And I must say, I'd like to see more of these kinds of random long rapper names with extraneous punctuation. You don't even have to copyright that shit, nobody else is gonna come up with a name like that.


he said cooler than a penguin's ass... lol... that was funny! i like this song.... plus yo showing hell skill....GOOD SHIT TONIO..... STREET RADIO ON ITS WAY BACK... COMING REAL SOON!!!
Thanx 4 the love Ogun.... When I go hard.. They say its too hard.. I lighten up.. They say Im on some ATL shhh... Either way.. Im good with people just talking
You'll smell me every time she belch.... What the hell?? LMAOOOOO Tonio is my man!! What a nice change from everyone else in the city talking and saying the same thing or trying to be Lil Wayne!



i like it
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