Thursday, April 16, 2009

Skarr Akbar - The Mind Of A Maniac (Akbar Enterprize/Mid-Atlantic Mafia/Global Ent./Tommy Boy Entertainment)

It's funny, even though I go back with Skarr and see him out around town performing all the time and catch up here and there, it seems like I can never keep up with all his movements. It seems like for every mixtape of his I get there are a couple others I never hear, and I didn't even realize until I picked this one up last time I saw him at the Black Hole recently that he's now signed with Tommy Boy Entertainment (formerly Tommy Boy Records). They're not as strong in hip hop as they once were and I don't think they have a major label affiliation anymore, but it's still pretty cool for him to be with a national company with that kind of history, it'll be interesting to see if they can do anything to take Skarr to the next level, especially since "Scholarship Chick" is kinda shaping up to be his biggest single to date. This mixtape is pretty good, first half some really good original tracks and the second half mostly remixes of songs by popular artists. There's an official remix of the Mz Streamz single from the Debonair Samir Club Crack album, and Skarr raps in AutoTune on that and also on the track "She Lonely," and I dunno, don't think it's really a good look for him. But then, I think 99% of all people messing with AutoTune the last couple years sound terrible with it, including in Baltimore (with the exception of DJ Class and maaaaybe one or two other people). The Gritty Gang also makes an appearance.

Skarr Akbar - "Money On Ya Head" (mp3)
This song is tough, as long as every Skarr Akbar mixtape has a few songs like this I'll always look forward to them.

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Skarr is great, definitely my fave MC (local or otherwise).

Speaking of Tommy Boy Records, local MC Al Great makes a funny reference to them in his track "Knocking Doors Down", like "who the fuck they got?" That was probably before Skarr got signed to them though.
In song titles, prepositions aren't capitalized. Besides that, I really love your blog!
thanks! I hope you don't correct blogs on their grammar as a hobby, though, that seems really time-consuming.
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