Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bigg Patch - Diamond Life Don: Return of the Space Cowboy (Diamond Life Records)

Bigg Patch has a new album on the way called Aries Rising, and he's been floating some music out there in anticipation of its release. There's a couple tracks from the album that 41yo recently posted, and new video for the song "Diamond Don" that I posted last year, and this mixtape. This is just a quick little teaser release, though, only 22 minutes long and heavy on freestyles, but it's still pretty decent, good beat selection, some encouraging original tracks. He still does a lot of the stuff that's always kind of annoyed me about his music, like repeating his name and certain phrases in his verses over and over, and using choruses from popular songs instead of writing hooks (on one track he just does the "Duffle Bag Boy" chorus for no apparent reason), but once you get past those things he has some good music.

Bigg Patch - "Gangsta" Freestyle (mp3)
This is over the beat from the Bun B/Sean Kingston track that was out about a year a quick aside, I remember seeing a bunch of MySpace bulletins from a different Baltimore rapper who had a freestyle over this track on his page, but he was trumpeting it like it was his own song, like "NEW SINGLE FEATURING BUN B AND SEAN KINGSTON," I always thought that was really funny and kinda pathetic, like...why even bother fronting like that?

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