Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Warzon Snaakes - MME Mixtape (Warzone Records)

Most of the CDs in my stack I can remember where I got them, who handed it to me at what show or when it was mailed to me. But sometimes one gets stuck in the middle of the pile for so long I can't really remember anything like that, and I just kept looking at this one, with this weird animated snakes cover art and the weird group name and MCs with names like Stevie Sparkman and O.G. Cokamo and Kobra Kamanda and Ace TZ and Dew Dirty and Dizzy D. Williams, but not actually listening to it, maybe because it seemed more interesting in my mind than it could be in reality. And of course, it's not that interesting to listen to, but it is actually pretty good, just some garden variety Baltimore tough guy rap, but there's kind of a nice off kilter Wu Tang kinda feel to how these guys do it that's in keeping with the names and the artwork. This is really one of the better kinda hardcore releases I've heard in a while, I wonder why these guys aren't more well known.

Stevie Sparkman and Kobra Kamanda - "Here We Come" (mp3)
I've always liked beats like this, where the hi-hats are at this ridiculous fast tempo but kind of low in the mix, and the real pulse of the song is a real slow kick/snare rhythm.

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