Friday, March 27, 2009

Shaka Pitts is putting together this list of top Baltimore songs, they're currently accepting submissions and I'm gonna be one of the panelists. I don't know if there are any deadlines or anything yet, but I hope there's a good turnout and we get a great list, because I'm gonna be embarrassed if we get sent a bunch of bullshit and have to pretend that's the best Baltimore has to offer. Apparently people can also nominate artists, who will be asked to submit a song, too, so if there's someone you think should be included, feel free to throw their hat in the ring yourself:


Here's your chance to decide Baltimore's top 50 songs!! Send a labeled mp3 to

send the song name/artist name/producer name, and the studio or
engineer who recorded/mixed the song. the file should look like this

song name_artist name.mp3

The submissions will be listened to by a panel of 12 people consisting of
media, artist, music professionals and music lovers. 9 of the panelist
will be from the Baltimore metro area and 3 will be from other states.
The top 50 will be uploaded to www.spittsmcman and narrowed down to the
top 10. The top 10 will be aired on a special show of Real Talk With Spitts Mcman.
The artist of the the top 10 songs will get an on air interview with
Spitts McMan and automatic consideration for participation in shows
with national acts @ Ram Head Live. All genres of music is welcome!!
Shaka Pitts
SPitts McMan
The Voice Of Baltimore Hip Hop

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