Saturday, March 07, 2009

Poe & Rasheed- Diverse Hustle (Dogg University R-Sinal Records)

Here's another mixtape that I kinda dug out of my stack of neglected CDs and can't really remember where I got it, although there's an Akbar Entertainment Designz logo on it so I guess Skarr Akbar did the artwork, maybe I got it from him. Comp also makes a guest appearance on here, as does someone named Shitty Brains, which has to be the best rapper name I've heard since Fish Gates. Anyway these guys, I don't really know about these guys, they generally rap in kinda slow simple cadences that almost feel old school, but sometimes that plainspoken approach works. The first couple tracks were so incredibly dull I thought this was gonna be like that all the way through, but it got a lot better throughout the course of the CD, some real joints on here. Check out R-Sinal Records on MySpace.

Poe & Rasheed - "Play Book" (mp3)
For this track, a producer named Jack Da Hustler samples one of my favorite songs of all time, John Coltrane's "Naima." He chops one note in a kind of interesting way but doesn't really use the track to its full potential, but still I got a soft spot for this song anyway because of that sample.

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So true. Love the sample, it's a shame the song does so little with it.
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