Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ron G - Lunch EP (Mania Music Group)

Back when the Mania Music Group site did their whole "month of Mania" promotion back in October and gave away a bunch of free music, Ron G's was the last of the solo EPs they posted. And I wanted to kinda chill and not post about them all at once, so it took me a while to get around to writing about this one. But they might've saved the best for last, this one is really special, maybe it's just that I'd heard Midas and Kane's music before the label so Ron G's stuff surprises me more, but he's dope. Really young guy and kinda has that young arrogant vibe but really comes outta nowhere with some really thoughtful or funny shit now and then, and I think he got some of Mania's best beats here, real laid back funky tracks with hard drums.

Ron G - "Da Law" (mp3)
You might recognize this as the song I quoted and described a little bit in my City Paper article on the label last year, I had my tape recorder on for the interview when they played the song so I was listening back to the tape like damn, this song is gonna be the shit. You gotta listen hard but that's Kane doing the voices for the police radio stuff in the background, some funny shit.

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Noooo SIR,

the voices you hear are all RON
Guy has oceans full of personality, and he is mad funny.

if you listen to the very beginning Boppin' Down the Block you will see what i mean


Kane M.
Yeah, Headphones corrected me on that, too. I thought you guys said it was you on there, my mistake!
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