Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Nathan Blaze - Demo EP

A while back at a show I ran into BeaLack, one of the producers behind Mania Music Group, and he gave me a copy of a project he had worked on outside the label, a 4-song EP he produced for an artist named Nathan Blaze. The guy is a little marble-mouthed and sometimes he really just can't seem to get in the pocket of the beat, but he's got his own message and sometimes he finds a good way to express it, and BeaLack is in my opinion a really solid, versatile producer. As a short little sampler it's not much but you do get a good sense of who the artist is, which is harder to do in 4 songs than you might think.

Nathan Blaze - "Middle Class Ballin'" (mp3)
This song really kinda hits on an old point in a fresh way and really wraps it up in a song well. I know a lot of people that would really identify with this song, hell I identify with it.

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nuff respect, do you homie
Wow. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you checking out the Demo EP. Thank you for the review!
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