Thursday, December 04, 2008

P-Shellz - Burpin-Lurkin

I don't know why this sat in my pile of CDs for so long considering how great the title is, but I was just checking it out and realized that P-Shellz (a.k.a. Pa'Shell) sent this to me a year ago, back in last December. I mean, it's been a crazy year and I make no apologize for how I run this site because, well, it's mine and I do it purely for the love of it, but I still feel bad that I slept on this so long, especially since it's pretty damn good. P-Shellz is a MC/producer that I first heard on a solo track on IMP Records' Operation: Shutdown, and some of his production on Marketing And Distribution Volume 1. His beats are definitely the strong point of this album, but he puts in his work on the mic, does some dope little internal rhymes and phrases things in a thoughtful, unique way, which you don't get too much these days. He compares himself to Common on his MySpace page, and I didn't really hear it on the first few tracks and then suddenly on track 7 it hit me and they really do sound alike sometimes. There's a guest MC on 3 tracks named Synnz who's pretty good, too, if he has a solo record I wanna hear that.

P-Shellz - "Fingaz Down (The Hack Anthem)" (mp3)
Now and then, in the course of getting so many CDs, I hear something that wraps up a slice of Baltimore life in the form of a song so perfectly that I'm amazed noone else thought of it earlier. If you're reading this site you probably know what a hack is, but if you don't this sums it up pretty well, and P-Shellz really did a brilliant job of writing this song from the perspective of a hack driver, or who knows, maybe he really is one himself and is speaking from real experiences. Either way, dope song.

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