Saturday, December 06, 2008

B.Eveready - The C.P.T. Mixtape (Checkmate Entertainment)

B.Eveready is an MC that I met in August at the Making The Right Moves conference who gave me this CD, which he had a release party for in October. He's in Baltimore but I guess he's got roots in Boston and Pittsburgh too. Anyway, I like this record a lot, nothing too special or unique but not bad at all. He's got some pretty good original production, and some good taste in beats to freestyle over (there's 3 tracks over Kanye West beats from 2002, and I always loved Kanye's shit from back then), and he flows his ass off on the last song, "AHunnitBarsOffMyChest."

B.Eveready - "Deal Wit It" (mp3)
Daru Jones did such a good fake Premo beat on this that I was actually surprised when I checked the liner notes and saw it wasn't a freestyle, real dope track.

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