Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Bossman - Obama Or Else (DNA/Jay Claxton/NEK/One Up Entertainment)

It's crunch time, today is the day, I'm voting for Obama, you're probably voting for Obama, too, and even if you're in Maryland and you know he's got our state locked down you still wanna go out and give him the popular vote majority and a landslide victory. Maybe by the time you read this post the election will already be all over and you'll know whether I'm right or wrong, but I'm feeling good about the odds right now. And Bossman put up a mixtape last week, like many many hip hop artists have over the past few months, to show his support for Obama. A lot of the Obama songs and stuff, I can't knock it because everyone's excited and I think their hearts are in the right place, but I don't think there's really been any interesting music to come out of this campaign or anything that's destined to have the same urgency a year from now, regardless of the outcome. But Bossman still put his foot in the concept, actually shows a decent understanding of the policies and issues at stake in his lyrics, and really for the most part it's yet another N.E.K. mixtape, a lot of guest appearances from Dollars and Tony Manson, a lot of industry beats (three tracks from Tha Carter III), and some good ignorant apolitical music like "Ho's I Fucked" thrown in for good measure. You can download the whole thing here. The K-Swift tribute, "I Wonder," is also on here as a bonus.

Bossman - "Obama Or Else" (mp3)
This is over the beat from Sheek Louch's "Keep Pushin'," which is a track I love, I wrote about it on my other blog Narrowcast earlier this year.

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