Thursday, October 16, 2008

Baltimore Crown Awards 2008 VOTING FORM

The Baltimore Scene is proud to announce the 2nd annual Baltimore Crown. This year we will be honoring the artists/promoters/media/supporters etc. that make this scene a thriving artistic community.

Please take a moment fill out this form as a public voter. If you are a promoter/business owner/club venue owner and would like to be listed as part of the voting panel on our page and in our promotions, please enter your information below:

If you know that you are qualified to win one of these awards, please have your fans and/or supporters email your name along with the category title to or through myspace. com message (www. myspace. com/baltimorescene)

The results will be announced at the Baltimore Crown 2008 at The 5 Seasons, 830 Guilford Ave. Baltimore, MD on November 7th, 2008. Doors open at 8pm.

Thanks for your support,
The Baltimore Scene Staff
“OUR space on myspace”
www. myspace. com/baltimorescene
connecting and celebrating the Baltimore Scene

**please vote in spaces below**

Best Hip Hop Venue_____________

Best Poetry Venue_______________

Best Live Music Venue____________

Best Hip Hop Open Mic______________

Best Poetry Open Mic________________

Best Live Band Open Mic______________

Golden Pen Award________________
Awarded to poet and/or author whose artistic contribution to the scene has paved the way for other writers. Also awarded to a poet/writer who has created avenues/opportunities for fellow poets to perform and grow as an artist.

Golden Mic Award_____________________
Awarded to Hip Hop artist who has contributed to the scene either as a promoter, supporter, or grinder on the scene.

Golden Stage Award:______________________
Awarded live band and /or group who has taken the underground scene to a new level through their hard work, dedication, and contribution to the scene

Artist Most Likely to Succeed:_____________________
Awarded to a Baltimore artist who will be the most likely to put bmore on the map through their talent and success of their artistic career

Best Baltimore Scene Photographer____________________
Awarded to photographer who has best covered the underground scene through their works either at live venues or as a studio photographer

Best Videographer________________________

Best Graphic Designer_____________________

Special Appreciation Award:_________________________
Awarded to promoter/artist/writer/organizer/event planner/media personality etc. who has worked tirelessly to promote the underground artistic scene____________________________

Outstanding Contribution Award:
Awarded to any individual who has started an organization, project and/or offers a service that benefits the Baltimore Scene (and/or surrounding areas)

Best Blog and/or Website:______________________

Artist Hall Of Fame Award:______________________
Awarded to veteran Baltimore Artist that make the rest of us proud

Under the Radar award_________________________
Awarded to artist that people need to take notice of

Best Newcomer award
Awarded to best new artist on the scene ____________________

Producer of the Year_____________________________
Awarded to the winner of The Baltimore Scene’s Producer Beat Battle (includes $700.00 Cash Prize)

Best Urban Designer:________________________

Categories that you'd like to see at next year's Baltimore Crown ____________________________________________________________

*Special Awards to be presented by The Baltimore Scene Staff

Most Supportive of the Baltimore Scene
Special Recognition Awards

Thank you again
See you at the Crown
November 7, 2008
@ The 5 Seasons

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