Thursday, September 25, 2008

Vision - The Art Of War (Star Status Entertainment/B.M.W.B.)

Vision a.k.a. Dirty Earl is an MC affiliated with Star Status who gave me a bunch of his mixtapes a while back and seems to drop new ones at a crazy pace. At one point on this one he says he's on "album number 17," and I kinda believe him. I wrote about one, Still Here in July, but I think I like this one a lot more, just a longer, more complete release with more memorable songs. He's on a lot of street talk and the usual shit, but he's got a good eye for detail that makes his lyrics interesting to pay attention to. There's a few guest appearances on the last few tracks by Block Hugga and Black Plague.

Vision - "Alcoholic" (mp3)
I think he performed this at 5 Seasons the night he started hosting the new Hip Hop 101, pretty good song, feels like it could catch on with people as one of those kinds of dysfunctional party songs.

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