Wednesday, September 03, 2008

This week in the City Paper I wrote a feature about Mania Music Group, a local label featuring the rappers Midas, Kane and Ron G. (left to right in the pic above), and the producers Headphones and BeaLack. I've known Midas a couple years now and I've been shooting the shit with Kane for a minute, and met most of the other guys when I went to do the interview. So I really like these dudes and think they're talented and wanted to communicate their distinct personalities and strengths in the article, and I think that comes across in the article. I posted a song by them on Gov't Names last week and they've got a whole free compilation album on their official site, and are about to drop a whole bunch more music in October.

(photo by Rarah)

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Thanks again for coming through and chilling with us Al.

The piece was great

...........NOT IN THAT WAY!


Kane M.
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