Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kode Street - Kode To The Streets (DJ Shakim/Love Me Or Hate Me Entertainment)

I've heard this Kode Street guy on a couple of Architects Record Studio's mixtapes over the past few years, but I never really heard more until recently when his management got in touch to send me some music, including this mixtape. They were telling me about how they're really working him in other markets and not really worrying about Baltimore, so I was kinda surprised when I got the mixtape and saw all these familiar names from Bmore on it, including guest spots by Comp, ShellBe R.A.W., Ckrisis and XO, and production by Rod Lee and Debonair Samir. The song with Rod Lee is called "Do You" and the guy who e-mailed me tried to say that Rocko jacked the song from them for "Umma Do Me," but that shit don't really sound the same and the chorus is a phrase lots of people say, I think they're kinda delusional about that. It's just a short little 45-minute mix and between all the guests I don't necessarily feel like I have a great sense of who he is an artist still, but he's got a nice flow. "If you think it's like The Wire, ni**as lyin'/ 'cause that shit don't end after no half an hour" would be a hot line if he wasn't wrong about how long an episode of the show is.

Kode Street - "Heaven" (mp3)
This is my favorite track on here, dope beat from Samir and dope to see a beat credited just to Samir with no other co-producer putting their name on it.

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Very Dope to see a Samir credit by itself!!!! That's how it should be.
never heard of em... Ill keep my ears open for him. Sounds as if he still needs to do more rappin by his self
dope cuzzion

How many times this week are people gonna leave pointless comments on this site just so they can plug rapmonster.com?
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