Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Moon - Hear Me Clearly (HeadNod Entertainment/Worldwide Recordings)

Big Moon is an MC that I first heard a couple years ago on a mixtape by Real2Real, and the members of that group make several appearances on this mixtape. I don't know if it's partly because his name reminds me of Black Moon, but this mixtape gives me kind of that grimy mid-90s NYC vibe, even when the beats are more modern he kind of has this no-nonsense persona that you don't hear a lot of rappers with anymore. PenDragon did the cover art and appears on a drop on here.

Big Moon - "Whole Different Animal" (mp3)
I like this sample, sounds like maybe Al Green? Second verse is some funny shit: "What the fuck is the world comin' to?/ the old heads are tryin' to teach the white heads what hip hop is/ and then you got the White Rapper Show/ I ain't a racist, but goddamn, how many Eminems do you want?"

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