Friday, August 08, 2008

The Unstoppable Nuklehidz - The Mysterious Messy Revolution (Punk-Hop-N-B-Difrint)

This week I wrote a review of this album in the City Paper. I've seen Taz and Stevie around town a lot in the past year, reviewing their shows at the Turntable Club and at the Local Highrise and judging their 295 Heat battle at Sonar, and they're just really funny, likable dudes that happen to make pretty strange, out there music. Last year on World AIDS Day, I posted their song about HIV, "Pass It On," and there's some socially conscious stuff like that on here and a lot of pretty goofy stuff, too. The album features guest appearances by Midas and Ms. Stress. Check out their blog and their MySpace page.

The Unstoppable Nuklehidz f/ Ms. Stress - "The Venom" (mp3)
This is probably my favorite track that I didn't hear on a single or at one of their shows well before the album dropped, good beat and good guest. Stress has a new album coming real soon, too, looking forward to that.

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I like these guys their cool,btw midas is crazy i cant wait to hear his album i heard it has production from the dude headphonemusik cats better look dude up ask puffy about dude he's crazy.
wow thanks brother they don't know about my resume people think I'm new but i got my release an I own me now so its on "TRUST ME". here's Midas new record push-start check it out thanks again peace
this is nuts they killed it where can i hear more of ron g at? is he with you too if not you need to get with dude
Y'all don't need to street team my website and come up with all this corny contrived "check out this guy, wow!" hype, especially not about artists that I like and give coverage to anyway.
i dont have a street team i dont even know B thats why i said wow i dont move that way sorry if you think so
i don't think this was contrived. i really don't do things like that. it's really not that deep to me. kajuan whoever you may be thanks for the support. if you feel some kind of way al i apologize but we don't operate in that kind of matter.
Yeah man you know I'm cool with you guys and I'm not really accusing anyone of anything. I just get defensive when I kinda get a whiff of spam or blatant self-promotion in my comments section, like a guy just 'randomly' bringing up the same artist in 2 unrelated posts in a row.
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