Sunday, August 31, 2008

EJ - The Westside Hustle (Carnigie Records/DJ Radio)

EJ is a guy that I've always been impressed by, from the first time I saw him perform at an Ogun event a few years ago to when he won Super Style Warz, which is why I put him high on my most anticipated of 2008 list of Bmore MCs I hadn't heard solo projects from but wanted to. So I was happy when EJ called me up earlier this summer hyping up his new mixtape, and he was really giving me the hard sell and acting like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread and he should be on the cover of the City Paper and this and that. And it ain't really like that, but it's still pretty good, one of the better mixtapes I've heard this year, so I gave it a review in the paper this past week. It also features guest appearances by Skarr Akbar, Heavy Gold, XO, and others.

EJ - "Same Ole Thing" (mp3)
This is a song that I quoted and talked about a bit in the review, and it's still one of my favorites, really shows another side of EJ.

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