Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mobtown Studios Opens in Baltimore

Below is the official announcement that went out today about Mobtown Studios, a new recording studio up on Charles Street. The owners are very good friends of mine and I've watched this place getting built up and readied for business over the past year, and have worked with them in their previous studio, and I have every confidence that this is going to be a great recording resource for Baltimore, and I really hope all the musicians around here take notice and look into the place for their next project, rock bands, hip hop and R&B and dance music artists, everybody. I've been helping them with little stuff, painting the studio and helping them network in the local music scene and I'm going to be writing some content for the Mobtown site starting soon, and I'm just really excited about this finally coming together. There's an ad running in the City Paper this week, a discount if you book a session now, and there's going to be an open house later this month, but you can just check all the details and contact info in the press release below:


New music recording studio opens in Baltimore
Mobtown Studios joins thriving local music scene

Baltimore, MD July 8, 2008 -- A new recording studio opens its doors in Charles Village this month, amidst a flourishing Baltimore music scene that has recently garnered coverage in Rolling Stone, Blender and Paper. Husband and wife team Matthew Leffler Schulman and Emily Leffler Schulman announced the opening of Mobtown Studios at 2603 N. Charles Street, in the heart of one of the city's most artist-friendly neighborhoods.

The couple were running a studio out of their home in Washington, DC when they decided to move back to Emily's hometown in 2006. "We had been operating on an informal level for many years and it was time to step it up," says head engineer Matthew. "Coming back to Baltimore allowed us to keep our rates low and make our services available to a wider range of artists in a really interesting scene. Baltimore has that small town flavor that makes it easy to connect to artists, yet the city's teeming with everything from experimental noise to shoegaze to Baltimore club."

Baltimore's own indie band Kadman was one of the first to record at Mobtown. "They not only encourage creativity, but the warmth of the rooms and the friendliness of the engineers inspire it." says lead singer Dave Manchester. "They gave us the tone we wanted at a remarkable price and with great efficiency and excitement."

The first thing one notices when entering Mobtown's first floor rowhouse space is the feeling of warmth and homeyness. "We spent a lot of time planning how we could maintain a light-filled living room feel, but prioritize the acoustics and sound of the room. We had to cut out the noise of the Charles Street buses, but still let the light in," says designer Emily. Their efforts paid off and resulted in a studio that is anything but the cold sterile environment typical of many professional studios.

Audiophiles and technophiles alike hone in on Mobtown's unique blend of digital and analog equipment. "The Tascam 4-track will always be my first love," says Matthew. "I still use it from time to time, right alongside my digital console. I'm not a believer in this war between analog and digital. I think they both have pros and cons and it's a matter of using them both effectively to achieve the desired result." This approach translates to an eclectic hybrid studio stocked with everything from a vintage Hammond organ to a late model Mac Pro.

As the drummer for Baltimore's The Seldon Plan, Matthew is an engineer with a musician's ear. He's been recording bands for over 15 years and is a graduate of the renowned Music Recording program at Middle Tennessee State University, located just outside Nashville. As a result, the studio has already earned a reputation for listening to and collaborating with clients to create their desired sound. "They are more than just knowledgeable about how to record, they know how to create the perfect tone to match the artists vision," says Manchester.

Mobtown Studios offers in-studio and remote recording services for music and commercial broadcast. Other services include mastering, mixing, producing and web design. The studio will host an open house on July 24. Details to be announced. Artists interested in booking a session or discussing an upcoming project can visit www.mobtownstudios.com or call 410-235-0898.

Mobtown Studios
2603 N. Charles St. Baltimore, MD 21218
info@mobtownstudios.com • P 410-235-0898 • F 443-390-1135

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This studio looks amazing...I'm going to have to see this in person..really nice..
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