Thursday, May 08, 2008

I'm getting married this week, to my girlfriend of the past 6 years, Jennifer, and a couple of weeks later we're going off on a nice long honeymoon. So I'll be taking a little break from both Government Names and Narrowcast for the next month or so (although I'll be keeping up with my paid writing for Noise and Idolator in at least a limited capacity during that period). And really I'd probably have to take a vacation about now even if this wasn't happening: I've spent the past year and a half straight working a full-time desk job, writing at least 1000 words for pay almost every week, and blogging daily, and basically burning myself out, especially lately leading up to the wedding. I still love doing all this stuff, I just haven't felt like there've been enough hours in the day for a while now. Hopefully disappearing from blogging for a few weeks and cashing in all my PTO at work will do me some good and I can come back for the summer all rested and refreshed, and switch shit up and try some new things. I might pop up here and there to post something I feel like saying at the moment, or a flyer on Gov't Names (and maybe a couple bigger things I'm planning if I have the time), but for the most part GN and Narrowcast won't be updated regularly until probably mid or late June. Those of you I'll see this weekend, I hope you have a great time at our wedding, everyone else, I'll see you later.


congrats, Al! I hope you enjoy your honeymoon and vacation.

Congrats on the nuptials!! Relax and enjoy that honeymoon courtesy of that PTO!!! Summer will be waiting..............

Thanks, y'all.
Congrats Homie- Kenneth
have fun.
Congrats Al!!! shit, you need and deserve some rest man.. take care and once again congrats to you!!!

Sonny Brown
congrats Al!!!! And enjoy the time off!!!
Congrats Al, enjoy your new life and much needed time off. We'll see you back refreshed and renewed :) -Missy
Thank you, everybody! My wedding was perfect.
Kudos on finding someone willing to give you a break! I'll miss your regular posts on GN, and look forward to your return whenever you deem us worthy again.
Congratulations!!!!Enjoy the honey in the moon!!

COngrats...and WELCOME to the club,.....MARRIED LIFE ROCKS lol

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