Thursday, May 22, 2008

Government Names 4th Anniversary Reader Survey And MP3 Re-Up

So I'm still in the middle of my hiatus, and won't be posting at all for the next 3 weeks. But I wanted to put up these 2 things at once that people can e-mail me over the break: a reader survey to fill out, and an open call for requests to refresh any download links on the site. I get requests to re-up MP3 links all the time, and a lot of times I don't bother, because I feel like if people miss their chance for the free download, they should just buy the record the song is on, but I know that's not possible with a lot of the stuff I post. So I'm making this opportunity available, probably just this once. You can look through all the past 4 years or archives, indexed by month on the right side of this page (although I've only been posting MP3s consistently since December 2005) and request any track I've posted that you want a copy of, although obviously you should check to make sure the old link is expired before asking for a new one. E-mail all requests to by Friday, June 13th, and I'll post them here when I get back from my trip.

The other thing I want people to e-mail me over the break is their answers to this questionnaire for readers of the site. I get a lot of feedback on Gov't Names via e-mail, seeing people in clubs, comments on posts, etc. But I wanted to get a better idea of what people like about the site and what they don't like, especially right now since I'm contemplating some changes in how I do things around here in the next few months. So please e-mail your answers to all (or even just some) of these questions to by June 13th as well, whether or not you have any MP3 requests, and whether or not you think you're the target demographic from this site for visit it every day or not. The wider the variety of responses I get, the better. And obviously, your answers don't have to be exact for everything, just try to estimate as well as possible. None of your responses will be made public anywhere or given to any other company or site, it's all just to help me better run this site.

Government Names Reader Survey

1. How long have you been reading Government Names?

2. How did you first find the site?

3. Do you live in or near Baltimore, Maryland, or have you in the past?

4. If not, where do you live?

5. Are you a musician, or otherwise involved in the music business, and if so how?

6. How often do you visit Gov't Names?

7. How often do download mp3s from Gov't Names?

8. Do you read many other music blogs?

9. What are your favorite music blogs?

10. Do you read other Baltimore blogs?

11. What are your favorite Baltimore blogs?

12.Are you satisfied with the current method of zshare download links posted on Gov't Names?

13. Did you prefer when Gov't Names posted 2 mp3s from each release it reviewed, or are you happy with the 1 mp3 currently offered with each review, and do you think there should be more mp3 posts than the current rate of twice a week?

14. Do you think that Gov't Names reviews are sometimes too vague or casual, or fail to say much positively or negatively about the release?

15. Do you generally download songs from Gov't Names by artists you're already familiar with, or do you often check out unfamiliar artists you're introduced to by the site?

16. How many CDs have you purchased that you learned about from Government Names?

17. How many full-length albums or mixtapes have you downloaded (artist-santioned or otherwise) that have been featured on Gov't Names?

18. Would you be as likely to click on a free, artist-sanctioned download of a full album or mixtape as you would a single song?

19. How often do you attend events because of flyers posted on Government Names?

20. Are there any Baltimore artists that you feel haven't been covered enough on Government Names?

21. Are there any Baltimore artists that you feel have been covered too much or overexposed on Government Names?

22. Do you feel that the clear presence of personal taste and editorial bias playing a factor in the content on Gov't Names has a negative effect on how well the site showcases Baltimore music?

23. Have there been any posts or incidents or statements on the site in the past that have strained the credibility of Gov't Names in your opinion?

24. Would you prefer if CD reviews on Gov't Names came with number ratings?

25. Would you be interested in content on Gov't Names about local politics or issues affecting the community, or would you prefer a continued focus on music and music only?

26. Do you think I should write about every CD submitted for review, or that I should be more selective and not write about CDs I have nothing positive to say about?

27. Do you think that it is unfair or cruel for a site like Gov't Names to give a negative review to an otherwise obscure or unheard artist that isn't being covered by other blogs or media outlets, even if the review was solicited by the artist or label?

28. Would you like to see more coverage of Baltimore club music on Gov't Names, or less, or the same amount?

29. Would you like to see more coverage of Baltimore R&B on Gov't Names?

30. If Gov't Names sponsored or organized concert events in the Baltimore area, would you seriously consider attending based on that alone?

31. If Gov't Names released an album or a mixtape, would you seriously consider buying it based on that alone?

32. If Gov't Names established business relationships with any artists, labels, clubs or studios in the Baltimore area, but made full disclosure of those relationships when writing about those businesses, would you feel that it damages the credibility of the site, or would it have no effect on your opinion?

33. If Gov't Names began running banner ads, but only for Baltimore-based or music-related companies or products, would you feel like it had any effect on the credibility or impartiality of the site?

34. If Gov't Names "presented" or sponsored a free download of an entire mixtape or album on the site, would you be more likely to download it than any other mixtape or album reviewed on the site?

35. If Gov't Names posted podcasts, or ran a streaming internet radio show or radio station, would you listen to those as consistently as you download mp3s from the site?

36. If Gov't Names switched to podcasts or internet radio format instead of posting mp3s, would you be happy with that change, or would you miss the mp3s?

37. Do you keep most of the mp3s you download from Gov't Names and continue to listen to them over time, or do you often quickly delete songs that you don't like at first?

38. Do you think that Gov't Names should ask artists and labels for dirty and clean radio-ready versions of featured songs, to make them easier for DJs to use for club or radio play?

39. What is your favorite song, or some of your favorite songs, that you first heard from Government Names?

40. Who is your favorite artist, or some of your favorite artists, that you first heard from Government Names?

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