Friday, May 02, 2008

Check this out:

We are producing a music video in Baltimore for one of the area's hottest internationally-known musicians. The video will be shot in a swanky club downtown, and we are looking for energetic and talented dancers and extras to fill the club.

Talent details:
Both sexes, ages 18-40
Able to dance in a club setting
(Note: Although all levels of talent will be used in the video, the hottest dancers will get a major scene in the video)

Casting call details:
Sunday, May 4TH
The Turntable Club
2139 Jefferson St (Baltimore MD)

Wear or bring your club/going-out clothes.

Bring a one-sheet if you have one, but not necessary.

You can contact us for more details at

Final note:
If you think you'd look good in a music video, but aren't a dancer, still come by.

We will need non-moving talent as well!

And... we are keeping the artist's name secret for a good reason :)

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