Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yuk - Music Is My Life EP (For The People Ent.)

Yuk a.k.a. "Mr. Live Wire" is an artist on For The People Entertainment, which I profiled in the City Paper a few months ago, and has in the past primarily performed as a member of the duo Yuk & Cut. He's got a full-length album due later this year, but this first solo project is just an EP -- 6 songs on the tracklist but 3 more hidden tracks, including some familiar ones from previous FTP releases like "Lower Than Yours" with Ace and Lil Shank. So it's just kind of a little sampler but it's enough to really get a sense of his voice and personality that you might not entirely get from the Squadre Committee or Yuk & Cut material. I'm supposed to be getting some more new FTP releases from Cutthroat and Bear soon, looking forward to those. Check out Yuk on MySpace.

Yuk - "What Are You Waitin' For (The Time Is Now)" (mp3)
People hate on later Van Halen but fuck it, I kinda like some of that Van Hagar shit. They picked a cool bit of "Right Now" to loop up for this track, not too obvious but still works as a hook.

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