Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Pornstars - Dirty Work (Pornstar Productions/Bird City Entertainment)

The Pornstars are a duo of MCs named Al Steed and Big Steve who also produce their own material, and I first heard their work as producers on two mixtapes by their Bird City labelmate Ckrisis, including the awesome song "Down For Whatever" that I included on my year-end mix for Idolator a few months ago. Sometimes I wonder if my taste in hip hop is predictable, because I always hate on CDs that have too many freestyles over industry beats and tend to praise stuff with more original production, but honesty, these guys make seriously dope beats and crafted an album with consistent but varied production, and it's by far one of the best things I've heard out of Baltimore in the past few months. That's not to take away from them as MCs, because they have this nice laid back, arrogant, pissed off vibe that really suits the music, but I have to admit it's mostly about the beats. Someone should be laying out serious money for their tracks.

The Pornstars - "High" (mp3)
Yeah yeah, every rap album has a weed song, but this is one of my favorites on this one.

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