Sunday, April 06, 2008

Kane f/ UnReal - "Turntables" (mp3)
A couple months ago at the benefit for Sonny Brown, I was on the corner outside the club bullshitting with Ogun and a few other dudes after the show. And one of them was this guy Kane who I'd never met before and was just a hysterical, quick-witted guy, and I was like shit, if this guy raps half as slick as he talks, his music's gotta be worth checking out. I mean, let's face it, even some great rappers haven't, shall we say, mastered the art of conversation. His MySpace blog has some pretty thought-provoking stuff on it, too. I haven't really heard anything yet by him besides the songs on his MySpace page, but my favorite of those is the one with UnReal. Kane is a part of this new label that Midas and a few other people are putting together and I'm pretty interested to see what comes of that. And UnReal invited me over a while back to listen to this new mixtape he's getting ready to release that I think might be his best work yet, so hopefully there'll be a lot more to hear from both of these guys in the near future.

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