Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Baltimore Hip Hop Council would like to announce that it is accepting submissions for its first CD project State of Emergency. The CD will contain (TBD) songs featuring some of Baltimores finest poets, musicians and vocalists.

The Baltimore Hip Hop Council was formed in 2007 to bring poets, musicians, community activists and concerned members of the Hip Hop generation together to network, educate and create music and through these recordings raise money for specific charities. All the proceeds from State of Emergency project will be donated to organizations (TBD) located in Baltimore, MD.

The BHHC will release State of Emergency in early June, 2008 and will celebrate its release with a highly publicized event.


Each artist must donate his/her piece (note: song will only be used for the expressed purpose)

Please prepare a CD with no more than 2 songs for consideration. Email is not preferred.

The song submissions must be clean - No profanity. Nothing vulgar.


Please have the general audience in mind when submitting material.

Theme: Let the world know what is going on in Baltimore from your perspective? Speak out on the Wires depiction of the City. Tell us what its like to be hungry. What are your prospects having gone through Baltimore City Public Schools. Tell us what its like to be you that is if you are someone with worth. . etc. Be creative. Be daring. Show your humanity. Express your outrage.
Sound the ALARM

Due Date:

Submissions will be collected at the next town hall meeting. We are working
to secure the date at this time.

Tentative: 4/8/08

Even though we hear about murders and other random acts of violence daily living in Baltimore City, we must not become numb. At this time, it is crucial that we ask ourselves what we can do to be more part of the solution. We can't assume that the attention the murder rates or crime statistics get is the same thing as assistance. Real help is as crucial now as it ever was.

~ C-Love

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