Monday, September 17, 2007

Bossman - End Of Discussion / Dollars - The Overdose (One Up Ent./N.E.K./Power Hitters)

You probably heard already, either on his Rap Attack interview or somewhere else, that Bossman has been officially off Virgin/Capital Records since July, after 2+ years of being signed. And if you read my City Paper cover story back in March, you probably knew things were headed in that direction and that the label didn't really know what to do with him. already confirmed that he's in talks with other labels, including Warner Bros., that are interested in buying the Law & Order album from him and putting it out. I hope he does get to do that, even if it's just with a large indie label with national distribution, because I'd love to finally hear the finished album after all these mixtapes. Almost every track I've heard from the album has been dope and it'd be a shame if it stayed on a shelf. On the interludes on this one Boss really opens up about the whole experience and talks about being in the studio with producers like Scott Storch and Just Blaze and Kwame and Rockwilder and No I.D., I'd love to hear all those tracks finally. And on some tracks he doesn't hold back about his frustrations with the label, on the "I Get Money" freestyle there's a pretty crazy part that goes "JD dropped enough bricks, he can build a building/ I'm a free agent now, so I guess I can reveal it/ yeah, I fucked Janet, then I wrote Bow Wow's shit/ I'm lyin', if that was true, you'd probably wild out, bitch" and they had to play that shit back on Rap Attack like 3 times.

Instead of another double disc mixtape from Bossman like last year's Bullet Proof B, this is actually just one disc of Bossman, and one of Dollars, another member of N.E.K. I remember when I interviewed Bossman he said they were planning on getting a Dollars solo mixtape out this year, I guess they decided that the best way to get that heard was to package both these projects together. Dollars has kind of seemed like N.E.K.'s second in command since Bossman became the group's top priority and Cash and Heavy Gold left, so him doing a solo joint is a long time coming. He's got his own kinda charisma and has a good sense of humor, really kills some of these tracks and Bossman guests on a few tracks on it. I still wanna hear a solo Tony Manson project too, though, he's nice. These discs feature guest appearances from C.R., Skarr Akbar, Tim Trees, the whole N.E.K./One Up movement. You can cop the mixtape on Bossman's MySpace, or you can even download the first disc for free off this mixtape site, which also has an unofficial Bossman mixtape with old tracks called No Law No Order. I'll post a song from each disc:

Bossman f/ Dollars, TestMe, Caddy Da Don, Hots and A-maz-on - "So Fresh (Remix)" (mp3)
This song has really grown on me over the last few months, I think it's probably sicker than any of the singles Bossman dropped when he was actually signed, so it should keep his buzz strong. The way this remix came together is pretty crazy, too, even though they kinda kept the lineup just within their crew for the most part.

Dollars - "My City" (mp3)
I like this beat, it's the same sample as Twista's "Overnight Celebrity" but chopped up differently.

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