Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Skarr Akbar - The Warning Shot: Believe In Me (Akbar Enterprize)

You know what it is, Skarr drops a new mixtape every couple months, matter of fact the sequel to this one is either out already or about to drop. But he had to go and say on this one that he's got an album Passion, Pain & Progress coming out in '07, so now I'm all hyped for that. I know he's capable of an album that could destroy almost everything everyone else is putting out, and I really want him to come with it. This is mostly freestyles with some old cuts like "N.E.W.S." and "I Am," but there's a few nice new songs. Check my City Paper feature on Skarr from 2005 if you haven't seen it before.

Skarr Akbar f/ Bossman, A-Ma-Zon, D.O.G., Barnes, S-K, and Heavy Gold - "I'm So Fly (Remix)" (mp3)
I posted about this song a couple months ago but never really posted the mp3. I love all these Bmore posse cuts, though, artists need to keep getting together and keeping 'em coming. When Skarr got nearly everyone on this track together onstage to perform it at the Bmore Fresh Fest it was one of the most memorable concert moments I've seen this year.

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That's the line of the year--
"Nicknamed Marlo I run the whole Wire"!!
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