Monday, May 07, 2007

U.A. Mobb/Kumiti - Staxx On Deck (DNA)

U.A. Mobb is a Baltimore rap crew that's been making a lot of noise lately, mainly with TestMe becoming pretty well known as a solo artist. You might also remember their awesome track "U Bad" that I posted last year. Amotion from Deep Flow sent me a bunch of mixtapes a while back, including this one, which is kind of a showcase for another U.A. Mobb member, Zon $taxx, hosted by DNA. His voice isn't as unique as TestMe, so it's harder to pick him out on the posse cuts, but from what I can tell dude can flow, I was impressed by this mixtape.

U.A. Mobb - "Gangstaz 4 Real" (mp3)
All the original beats on here are by a cat who calls himself Steven Spielberg, and some of his tracks are incredible, especially this one, which has both Staxx and TestMe on it and I'm not sure who else.

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