Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ogun - Bmore Hero: The Mixtape Of The Year (Real On Purpose Ent./Architects Recording Studio)

If you read the site, you should already know who Ogun is. He supports Baltimore hip hop more than almost anybody else, so if you care about it you should support him. Matter of fact, you should probably own this mixtape already, since he's been selling it since March. But you can get it off his MySpace page or at a number of local stores, or you can wait until the official release party at Sonar on July 19th, which he just announced this week. This CD has a lot of tracks that I've posted on here before, including the posse cuts "Just Us" (with Bossman, Backland, Skarr, Clayway and Comp) and "Bmore Shit" (with Tim Trees, Clayway, Mully and ShellBe R.A.W.), and a lot of other guest appearances. Check out my Noise interview with Ogun for more info on this release.

Ogun f/ XO - "Cyber Thuggin'" (mp3)
This song is hilarious and something really all of us can reate to these days. XO's probably my favorite local MC who I've never heard a solo project by, just has an ill voice and kills every guest appearance I hear, his verse on this is real on point.

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