Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Teop a.k.a. Myer Lanski - Treat Rap Like Crack Mix Tape (Triangle Records/Hood Classic Entertainment)

This dude Teop is, to me, a good example of how an artist's self-promotion can actually turn people off their music. I had to take him off my friends list on MySpace just because he'd be clogging up the bulletins all day every day with ads for his mixtape and his single. Kinda makes the title funny, since I don't think anyone ever had to advertise crack that much. But I decide to check out his mixtape anyway, since he got production from Debonair Samir and Skarr Akbar, and Squirrel Wyde is the host, so he's definitely connected with the right people. Teop's got some swagger, I don't know why he's pushing that song "So Sexy" as his single, it's really not representative of the rest of his material, which is generally more aggressive.

Teop - "Need My Money" (mp3)
This is one of the tracks produced by Skarr Akbar, one of my favorites, rocking a Curtis Mayfield sample.

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