Monday, April 16, 2007

Hots - Advanced Warning (Lil Skrilla/One Up Entertainment)

About a year ago, I wrote a City Paper feature on Hots, and this is the 2nd mixtape he's released since then, named after the MTV show he was featured on a few years ago, Advanced Warning. About a third of the tracks appeared on his last mixtape, The Introduction, but this one's a definite step forward with ill cover art and some good new tracks, including the Comp collabo I leaked a few months ago. There's also a nice posse cut with Bossman and Skarr Akbar. The mixtape review site gave this a real positive review, check Hots on MySpace for more info.

Hots - "This Is Why I'm Hots" (mp3)
You know he had to flip this track!

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