Saturday, May 19, 2007

NOE - The Brix Tape (Byrd Gang/Bace Enterprise)

A couple issues ago, the City Paper ran a feature by Jason Torres on NOE, the Baltimore rapper signed to Jim Jones' Byrd Gang label. It's a good article, although in it NOE actually seems to have more connections to the local rap scene than he lets on in the interview. He was on Hamsterdam Vol. 2 recently, one of my favorite tracks on there, and I was talking to Labtekwon the other day and he told me that he and NOE actually used to be in a crew together back in the day (I just noticed Lab left a comment to that effect on the CP page for the article). NOE's new single is called "Headlights" and people really seem to like it, although I personally don't like it as much as some of his other songs.

This mixtape is actually over a year old now, but I just finally got it pretty recently after trying to hear it for a while. NOE's MySpace page has it on sale through PayPal now, but before there was just an eBay link and I'm not buying any CDs off there. I remember last year C Love had this mixtape and was trying to get it to me, I think she's cool with NOE, but I kept missing her or seeing her when she didn't have the CD. There's a lot of collabs on here, with AZ and Jim Jones and Juelz Santana, as well as some tracks NOE isn't on by Dipset and D.I.T.C. and Bossman's "Untouchable." Check out another NOE interview up on the Diplomats fansite Harlem Piff

NOE f/ Latiff - "Time Is Money" (mp3)
I like this track, kinda going back and forth in a conversational flow with another Dipset dude.

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