Saturday, February 24, 2007

new episode of Deep Flow TV this weekend

The wait is finally over! The final episode of Deep Flow TV season 1 (episode 15) has finally hit TV! Due to the fact it is over 2 hours long we had to break it up into two parts. So the first part airs this week and the second part airs next week. If you are an artist in the show, you may be on part 1, part 2, or both so stay tuned to see yourself!

Baltimore City
Sundays 10pm ch. 75 (comcast), repeats run randomly daily. See schedule through

Anne Arundel County
(has been broken up into 6 parts. Stay tuned the entire month and a half to see it all)
Tuesdays at midnight
Thursdays at 10pm ch. 99

We will be adding clips from the show via the Internet through and soon!

360 ENT, Ahk, Amotion, B Fly, B. Rich, Beenie Sigel, Big Status, Bosslady (Bossmans mother), Bossman, Capadona, Civil Jones, Cleetis Mack, C Love, Comp, Cop-n-bop Records, Crudy Crew, C-Skill, CCYD Changz Program, D.O.G. & Mo Banks of Invisible Set, Da Brat, Da Woods, Danja Bo, Dat 5, Delishus, Diablo Flames, DJ 5 Star, DJ Big L, DJ Debiner Samir, DJ-Radio, DJ Rodd-Mad Flava, DJ Vicious V, DNA, Doc, Don Brody, DP, Danyea/Jinx/Mumpz/Lefty Garcia/Lucky Lays of Dream Big Recordings, Dwayne, Dynamic Compositions, E.J., Al da Great of E.X.T., Rashaad aka Elmo, F.O.C.U.S., F1rst Family Entertainment, Fat Boy ENT, Fat Smoke/Rickeyson, Fingas, For the people ENT, Freeloadas, G. Vargas, G.E.M., Gator, Golden Seal, Goonies, Guru of 7 Grand Records (formerly Gangstarr), Ike/Headnod ENT, Jaye Huney, J.R., Jermaine Dupri, J-Lee (The mixmaster), Juan Donavan of Darkroom Productions, Juelz Santana, Juvenille, Kell$, Kenei Kontrac, Kelly Connelly, Kevin Vega, Kojo, Kory ‘KB’ Bowers, Krazy, Krucial of Krucial Keys ENT, L.O.S., LB of Street Legal, Lil King Ent, LS, M.O.L., Mandi, Manny, Martina, Me’Aze Millioni (formerly Bosslady), Meechie, Me’k, Method Man, Midas, Mike McIntosh/Niige of ARS,, Supa Producer Mus’, Ms. Stress “Da Madame”, Ms. Tris Beats, Mully Man, N-A Bekatainment, Nazz-D, Neena, Neil Norris of PX, Nik Stylz, Ogun, P-Cutta, Pebbles, P-Funk, Phat 2 Death, Platinum Plus TV, Piolet Girls, Porkchop, Quest the Allstar, Randy, Raw D.O.C., Ray Lugar/ Stevie Stay Hi Low Key God of Team Fifty, Reina Williams, Rod Lee, Romante, Rulex Rollers, S.Dot,, Shakean da Analyst of Kartel, Shannon, Shellbe Raw, Sherida of S&M Management, Shock G & Digital Underground, Skarr-Akbar, Skinny Suge, Laura of Slum Bum Ent, Sonny Brown, Spitters Club, Staxx, Steven Speilberg, Street Legendz, Styles P, Super Producer Solar, Symantyx, T.M./Tha Down Records, Takeova, Testme, The Committee, Tim Trees, Tony Ruffin, Total Luxury, Treach of Naughty by Nature, Twin Desert Eagles, Tyree Colion, U.A. Mobb/Kumiti, U.M.I., Uninvited Guests, Unreal, Unstopable Numklehidz, Velli Smalls of Secret Society Records, Verb of Dirty Hartz, Woody of Dru Hill, XO Records, Young Sac of 3rd Infantry, Youngstar of Realside

i.G. of Master Fader Productions, Steven Speilberg, T-Gunner of Freeoladas Productions, Exact, Darkroom Productions, Ms. Tris Beats

Local songs by
TestMe, Clayway, M.O.L., Amadaye, MullyMan, Bossman, Fat Smoke, Tyree Colion

Also, FOX 45 has contacted me to let me know they will be coming to Deep Flow Studios next week to do a 'top story' on Baltimore hip hop interviewing myself (Amotion), Bossman, TestMe and Ms. Stress (Da Madame). We'll let you know when that will be airing!

CEO - Deep Flow Entertainment
Recording studio, TV show, Internet radio station
3725 S. Hanover St.
Baltimore, MD. 21225
Copy & paste likk to your browser to see season 1 of Deep Flow TV right now!!!


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