Tuesday, February 20, 2007

B. Rich - "Block Hussla" (mp3)
I heard B. Rich say in an interview on 92Q last year that he was going to be dropping his next CD a lot quicker than last year's Born Rich, and I guess he wasn't kidding, because his new single was e-mailed to me recently, apparently from an upcoming album called Hurry Up & Weight. He's got a few other new tracks on his MySpace page, and "Somebody Snitched" has a pretty clever sample. I don't know why he's suddenly rapping about dealing crack, though, seems like a stretch for him, and I say that as someone who liked the more serious tone of stuff off his last album like "We All Doin' Time." Still, the drums on this track are tight.

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actually....woah now was the stretch.

80 dimes is not referring to $.80

i think because folk now view him as a commercial rapper....his new material might prove harder to digest....much the same way that his first album dissapointed folks who bought it looking for some more Baltimore Flavored Hip Pop.

I'm curious to see what he fussin bout now....is he back in Bmore?
I bought 80 Dimes, and I still listen to it every now and then. Not a classic but its got some good ones on deck.
Yeah, good point, C Love. Honestly I just don't feel like hearing any songs about hustling anymore, least of all from him, but it's all good. I think he still stays in ATL last I heard.
I guess B Rich is trying to be himself comapare to when he was on a major label. Kennneth
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