Monday, January 22, 2007

The new issue of XLR8R magazine is out with an article about Baltimore hip hop, spotlighting Darkroom Productions, Diablo, Tyree Colion, Ogun and Mullyman. You can click the pic for a larger version to read the article. I just got Hamsterdam 2 but I'm still digesting it, only listened to the first disc, but so far it's pretty damn good. In stores now.

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wow! thanks for posting this. i didn't know about it. a photo credit for my tyree colion picture would have been nice, but oh

(and i believe c-love took that picture of ogun.)
ummm.... i wish i could i took that picture of ogun, too... doh!
yay k-con....all photo honors must be bestowed on you...

if this is in print and they did not contact you to use your pic....i say sue them suckas!!! i got your!

dude wanted to charge me $500 to use one pic for a run of 5000....mmmmmh
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