Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Here's an interesting e-mail that was sent out today by Amotion from Deep Flow Studios (also, I should add that Virgin Records has merged with Capitol Records, not Columbia):

Sorry for the late notice but Team Fifty will be stopping through Deep Flow Radio tonight (Wednesday)at 7:30 pm for a live interview to let everybody know about the new Baltimore Friday night showcases they're starting! For those of you that don't know, has been doing it so long in Baltimore and puts on around 6 events monthly for independent artists. So tune in tonight to www. weather you're a local artist, producer, or fan, or even if you're out of state and are interested in getting exposure in the Baltimore hip hop scene! This interview is live so it will only air once and there will be special guests in the building we will be speaking to as well!

Also, Bossman came through Deep Flow Studios yesterday and hit us off with every one of his projects! From his 2 mix tapes, and his double cd mix tape to his classic album 'Law and Order' that got him his major deal! (He signed to Virgin Records and Virgin has now merged with Columbia Records.) SO come by and cop his cd's which range between $5-$10 because I personally love his music and know you will too! Call us for hours or stop by if you're in the area! (info below)

We hit the deadline for episode 15 of Deep Flow TV so thank you to everybody whose involved! We did have to cut the episode down from 2 and a half hours to around 2 hours due to some people we could not get ahold of in time but I'm still loving it and it represents Baltimore hip hop at its fullest! So now, the behind the scenes work begins, we are sending it everywhere to everyone we are connected to in the tv industry and also hitting off as many film festivals across the world! We we keep you updated and it will air in Baltimore in a few weeks (we are running the episodes in order. I believe this Sunday will be episode 13, so 15 will follow two weeks later and we will also get it up on the Internet (though I'm sure you've seen clips already popping up on myspace pages)

Keep supporting Baltimore Hip Hop!

CEO - Deep Flow Entertainment
Recording studio, TV show, Internet radio station
3725 S. Hanover St.
Baltimore, MD. 21225
Copy & paste likk to your browser to see season 1 of Deep Flow TV right now!!!

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